What is the DCTA?

The Durango Community Tennis Association (DCTA) was formed in 1999 as a non-profit 501c3 corporation with an elected board of directors. The board of directors has been constantly changing over the last several years and DCTA remains active with hundreds of tennis enthusiasts.

With encouragement from the DCTA, the City of Durango, La Plata County and the 9-R School District combined resources and rebuilt ten existing tennis courts and built two new courts since 2002. Thanks to the City for going the extra step in designing the those facilities with heavy duty prestressed concrete foundations which resist cracking! Tennis Facilities in Durango include two courts each at Needham Elementary School, The Mason Center on W. Third Ave., Skyridge subdivision, and six courts at Durango High School.

The DCTA continues to provide volunteers and resources to help maintenance efforts of the City of Durango and the 9R School Districts. The tireless (no pun intended) effort of Mike Lewis (DCTA sponsor Firestone of Durango) has resulted in new benches on nearly every court in Durango. Mike worked with the DHS woodshop teachers to coordinate and provide materials using DCTA funds, and the high school kids did an excellent job constructing the benches. The DCTA also held a fundraiser for additional benches to be used on city courts. We are proud to announce that the courts at SkyRidge now have nice new benches due to this effort! Thanks to all who contributed! Also we would like to thank all those who showed up with ladders, pliers, etc to assist with the wind screens at the high school.

The DCTA has also assisted in maintaining the city and school district courts over the past several years by cleaning the courts, providing nets and net straps as they wear out etc. DCTA discussions with the City of Durango and 9R concerning fixing the lights have stalled.  The DCTA has re-prioritized its efforts for 2016 since the windscreens at the high school courts have deteriorated quickly over the winter months.  It is anticipated that the windscreens will be replaced during the spring of 2017 and a fundraiser will be held to help recuperate costs and provide additional funds to replace windscreens at Needham courts.  Thank you for all your support!!!


Spread the word about DCTA

Please spread the word about our website to others you know and to associations and organizations as well. There are many tennis enthusiasts who do not know about us yet…..and ALL are welcome in this truly community resource.

Also, please feel free to contact us at the DCTA with any ideas, suggestions, or requests that could help “Tennis in Durango”.