Board Minutes

Durango Community Tennis Association Board Minutes June 6, 2018

The DCTA held a meeting on June 6th at the Rec Center in an attempt to gain momentum for the 2018 season.  The meeting, billed as a reorganizational and revitalization meeting, was called to order by Jim Gates, president of the DCTA who introduced the existing DCTA board members and provided a brief overview/history of the DCTA. The Board members are as follows:
Jim Gates – president, Mike Lewis – vice president, Marilyn Barnett – Treasurer,                      Deb Pavek – Communication Volunteer, Jim Shadell – Drop-in coordinator at-large board member,    Terri Wells – social coordinator at-large board member, Richard Montrose – drop in/maintenance at-large board member.
It was reported that the club has experienced a decline in tournament participation over the last few years so it appears that the club needs a fresh start, a new direction, and possibly a reorganization to help revitalize the club and its mission to support tennis in Durango.  Treasurer Marilyn Barnett then reported that DCTA has approximately $9,000 after donating $10,000 to the City of Durango that went toward the construction of the new tennis courts at FLC.  A discussion began concerning the organization of the DCTA board and officers.  Since a copy of the by-laws was not available it was difficult to describe how the DCTA was initially set up in 2002 versus being the loosely run organization as it is now (president, vice president, treasurer, at-large board members for representing drop-in, court maintenance (i.e. windscreens, nets) and social coordination. The 501.c.3 status has apparently lapsed. Taxes have been tendered faithfully each year.
Chuck Owen requested a few minutes and he described his vision on how the DCTA should be organized and passed out his suggestions describing the duties and requirements of the Directors.  Chuck stated that no system exists here to help people get games which would help the club be more relevant, that more membership could happen through making the DCTA part of the City’s reservation system, and the DCTA would then have more political clout.  His handout, summarized below, stated that the Board should elect officers with a two year commitment, have monthly meetings, and establish future goals and policies. It also included a list of 5 areas where individual members could serve as a liaison and be responsible for each area.  These suggested areas include the following:
1) Membership and fund raising
2) Marketing – website, newsletter, communications
3) Court Maintenance, amenities, scheduling
4) Tournaments, Events, Drop-in
5) Finances, Tax Status, Administration
The Owens handout also included the suggested duties of the Officers.  There was much discussion about the current set up of Board members and officers but no consensus was arrived at as to how to accomplish a strict reorganization of the board/officers.  It was agreed upon by the majority of the attendees that more organization or reorganization is needed.  It was difficult to determine at the time exactly how to go about the reorganization.  The board will review the existing by-laws and try to determine whether or not the current structure meets or conflicts with the current by-laws which were established in 2002.  After that review, the current board/officers can determine appropriate action.   The president stated that the existing board members have not resigned but if there are any volunteers or nominations for the board or officers, there would be a vote on that.  The only nomination was for Chuck Owen to be president.  He declined.  There were no other nominations or volunteers for board or officers positions.
Assorted conversations developed which included the DCTA relationship with the City and School district, difficulties in getting lights fixed at the high school courts, etc.  It was suggested that it would be helpful to send out membership forms to have people sign up for the club.  It was determined that DCTA does have many addresses of former and current members and that could be accomplished.
Bill Bolden suggested that the sign-up sheet be passed around and meeting attendees could sign up for any of the above 5 duties listed on Chuck’s handout.  The sheet was passed back around and the volunteers for these items are shown on the attached Volunteer List. Someone stated that the list could be utilized to help form committees.
Events for 2018 were then discussed.  It was decided that a mixer will be held in early to mid-August.  Another event that was suggested by Dani and Jeremy would be getting some of the high school players and other juniors together to play against adults in town which would help give them experience.  They will determine when and how this will be accomplished and DCTA will assist in getting it publicized etc.  A potential for another event described as a “top dog” competition which could be held over several weeks was discussed.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.
Volunteer Duties List – per Chuck Owens list, which is very much appreciated.
1) Membership and fund raising – Dani Phillis
2) Marketing, includes website, newsletter, communications – Mike Moriarty, Bill Bolden, Richard Montrose, Coop Cooper, Barbara Arnold, Laura Vaughn
3) Court Maintenance, amenities, scheduling – Jim Shadell, Bill Bolden, Craig Larson, Rick Routh
4) Tournaments, Events, Drop-in – Jim Shadell, D’Ann Rhonde, Coop Cooper, Craig Larson, Linda Fitts-Liberman, Barbara Arnold
4a) Junior events – Dani Phillis, Vivian Edwards, Jeremy Gold
5) Finances, Tax Status, Administration – D’Ann Rhonde, Dani Phillis