Board Minutes

Durango Community Tennis Association Board Minutes
Date: April 29th, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Law Office of Nancy Agro, P.C., Durango, Colorado
Officer Attendees: Jim Gates, DCTA President, Mike Lewis, DCTA Vice President, Marilyn Barnett, DCTA Treasurer / Secretary (Newly Appointed), Kelly Williams DCTA Assistant Treasurer, Jim Shadell, DCTA Drop-In Representative (Newly Appointed) and Terri Wells, DCTA Social Coordinator (Newly Appointed).
DCTA Board Members at Large Attendees: Nancy Agro, DCTA Legal Advisor & Youth Coordinator, Coop Cooper, DCTA Electronic Communications
DCTA Members Attendees: Janet Monell and Richard Montrose
DCTA President Jim Gates called the meeting to order. An announcement was made by Jim that DCTA’s Treasurer / Secretary Kelly Williams was relocating out of state and had resigned as DCTA Treasurer but will stay on temporarily as the DCTA Assistant Treasurer to finish the IRS 1023 Application Process and that a vote to elect a new Treasurer / Secretary was needed. Additionally, there was discussion among the attendees that additional DCTA Board Members should be elected as well. Kelly Williams made a motion that long time Durango Resident and Accountant Marilyn Barnett be nominated as Treasurer / Secretary. Jim Gates seconded the motion. None opposed the nomination. Voting then turned to elect additional DCTA Board Members. Jim Gates made a motion to nominate DCTA Member Jim Shadell as the Drop-In Representative and Board Member as well as Terri Wells as Social Coordinator and Board Member. Mike Lewis seconded the motion and no one opposed the nomination.
Following the DCTA meeting agenda, Jim turned the meeting over to Kelly Williams to discuss the DCTA’s Treasurer Report. Kelly Williams presented and reviewed with the Board the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement. She indicated that she had entered and reconciled all banking information for years 2009 – 2014 into QuickBooks Accounting System and that DCTA’s financial records are in good order. Additionally, Kelly mentioned that all taxes, penalties and interest on behalf of DCTA have been paid to the Internal Revenue Service and that DCTA’s tax status is in good standing with the IRS. Also, DCTA is continuing to work with the IRS to request re-instatement of DCTA’s not- for- profit status by completing the IRS 1023 Application process. Discussion ensued that DCTA has a more than adequate cash reserve and that expenses were a little higher than usual due to facilities maintenance and contracted tax accounting consultation services. Finally, Board member Nancy Agro respectfully reminded the Board of the $10,000 Pledge to assist in the resurfacing of the Fort Lewis Tennis Courts Project that she is spearheading and that the DCTA Balance Sheet show the respected pledge separately under its Assets. Kelly Williams acknowledged Nancy request and indicated that she will change the Asset Section of the Balance Sheet to show the $10,000 pledge as a separate line item.

Jim Gates directed the discussion to the next agenda item which was DCTA Tournament Dates. Board Member Mike Lewis announced that the Spring Mixer will be held on June 7th, the Summer Tournament be held August 2nd and the Mixed Doubles Tournament be held on the tentative date of September 15th. However, the availability of the Durango High School Tennis Courts for this tournament date will have to be verified by checking the DHS Girls Tennis Team Schedule. Nancy Agro announced that the Junior Tournament be held July 26th. Jim Gates inquired if anyone had an idea for a fundraising tournament for 2014. Kelly Williams suggested that DCTA raise funds to offset the financial hardship of “Team Liam”; a five month old grandson of long time Durango Resident and tennis player Eileen Maddox who received a heart transplant on Easter Morning after being diagnosed with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Discussion ensued among board members and a decision was reached that during each DCTA Tournament an opportunity to donate to this cause would be offered to all DCTA Members and Tournament Players. Additionally, each tournament entry form include a section where DCTA Members and Tournament Players can mark that any additional funds other than the enclosed tournament fee accompanying the entry form be donated to “Team Liam.”
The next agenda item was addressed and Coop Cooper suggested that he will e-mail a membership drive letter to the people on the DCTA Membership List in the next week. Additionally, it was discussed between Board Members that when Coop e-mails the tournament forms to the DCTA Membership and Tournament Entrants that he include information in his e-mail regarding the opportunity to donate to “Team Liam.” Also, Nancy Agro offered to forward her Junior Tennis Contact Information List to Coop Cooper as well.
Mike Lewis announced that the following companies will contribute $500 to DCTA in 2014: Firestone Auto Service of Durango, Durango Insurance Company and Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel Law Offices. Additionally, DCTA received a $250 check from Evans & Company Law Firm.
Mike Lewis then directed the discussion to update the DCTA Board on the repair and maintenance of the lights at the Durango High School Tennis Courts. Mike indicated that he has spoke with the Superintendent of the 9-R School District, Dan Snowberger regarding fixing the lights that are not working properly. Also, Mike is to meet with 9-R School District Chief Financial Officer, Jason Austin to discuss the problem.
Nancy Agro suggested that DCTA should become familiar as to the agreement between the City of Durango and the 9-R School District as refers to the maintenance of the DHS Tennis Courts and offered to call City Attorney, Dirk Nelson to request a copy of the agreement be sent to her.
Jim Gates then asked if there was any new business. Jim Shadell indicated that the tennis court benches at Needham Elementary School and 3rd Avenue had been stolen and offered to build and replace the benches. The DCTA Board thanked him for his generosity and offer.
Discussion then turned to improvement of cash management and handling processes. Mike Lewis and Kelly Williams wanted to discuss if there was an easier way to handle the cash handling and management process for membership and tournament entry registration. Nancy Agro suggested that DCTA set up a PayPal Account which would allow members to pay for membership and tournament entry through the internet. The Board agreed with this idea. Nancy and Marilyn Barnett agreed to work on this project together.
The next DCTA meeting is tentatively scheduled in the fall of 2014. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:51 pm.